Marc Spector: Moon Knight #11-14 (1990)

Last issue, Frenchie was seriously injured by Killer Shrike. He is now in the hospital, close to dying. Moon Knight and Midnight are in the waiting room, in civilian clothes, and Moon Knight finally references his past…

Despite the gravity of the situation, the two of them continue to banter as they search for Shrike’s crew.

They find a new villain: Arsenal.

He has lots of weapons. He’s also a sequel–there was a previous one in the original Moon Knight series. I never tagged him because he never returned after that one story. Ditto for this Arsenal. He says he’s smarter than the original…

…But at the end of this arc, he gets arrested and we never see him again.

The search for who was responsible for hiring Shrike leads to another of Moon Knight’s old enemies: Bushman.

Bushman now leads a band of international drug smugglers and poachers.

During the hunt, we get hints of Moon Knight breaking from reality.

See, this is good. I like this.

In the very last panels, Marc Spector reunites with Marlene, suggesting that maybe this book will get a little “deeper” into the character than it has been.

This is the first time reading this series that I felt like Chuck Dixon was starting to actually use the things that make Moon Knight special (and it’s not a coincidence that he also didn’t use Midnight as much in the later issues of this arc).

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