Amazing Spider-Man #345-347 (1991)

In issue #345, Cardiac, hired via Silver Sable, and Boomerang fight Spider-Man.  Also, Flash is dating Black Cat.

But the main story is that Venom is back.

And then goes after Spider-Man.

But hold on. Look at the bust out panel again.

See that drip? And Eddie’s cellmate? That’s Cletus Kasaday, and the drippings are the first appearance of a SECOND Symbiote, who will utimately become Carnage.

As far as Venom stories go, it’s pretty typical: He stalks Peter Parker’s loved ones (including Willie Lumpkin, who is dating Aunt May) until they fight.

I swear the Eddie/Venom/Spider-Man stuff reads like a bromantic love triangle.

Long story short: It ends with Eddie Brock and Venom jogging on a beach on a deserted island, where they plan to live their lives out together in bliss.

Spider-Man is there and they kill him.

It’s Venom’s wet dream.

This is one of the better, and more consequential, Venom stories. It marks the beginning of his turn from psychovillain to hero.

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