Avengers Spotlight #22-25 (1989): Hawkeye

The name of this book has changed.  Is the content any better?

Well, it’s still a Hawkeye book, and that doesn’t bode well.  He’s a guy with lots of potential but most of his stories are mediocre or worse.

This arc starts with Clint and his wife Bobbi “Mockingbird’ Morse going to a marriage counselor.  Okay—great idea so far.  Hawkeye has blamed his soon-to-be-ex for being raped and then shamed her for killing Phantom Rider, her rapist, who really never died anyway because he’s a phantom.  Clint’s behavior has been completely inexcusable and hard-headed to a point that defies reason.  Maybe counseling will help?

We won’t find out.  The Brothers Grimm attack during the session.

“That’s no lady, that’s my ex-ex-wife” is no way to get your girl back, asshat.

The brothers are just the first D-lister to attack the couple in this extended story.

Next it is Bobcat (without his sidekicks, the Claws) and Mad Dog.

Bullet Biker.

The Death Throws gang starring guys like Ringleader and Tenpin…

And then there’s Trick Shot.

Who ends up being an ally.

All of them are working for Crossfire, who has paid them to steal Hawkeye’s bow…And his arm.

That’s pretty gruesome.

And the story is called “disarmament.”  Get it?

It ends with Hawkeye throwing his bow at Crossfire.

Reminds me of this:

After hitting him with the bow, Crossfire nearly fall to his death—the same way Mockinbird “killed” Phantom Rider.

Which makes Clint change his view on all of it and forgive her.

This is one of the better Hawkeye tales.

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