UNCANNY X-MEN #359 (1998)

Story one: Rogue goes to Mutopia to “cure” her mutant cells, but Mystique busts in and tries to kill the doctor. Rogue protects the doc, but in the process learns that his process actually kills mutants.

Rogue is sad about that and Mystique tries to slap and manipulate some sense into her by turning into Gambit (low blow!).

Mystique is a good mom. It works, though. It results in Rogue destroying Mutopia, but still not allowing Mystique to kill Agent Gyrich, who has represented the U.S. Government’s interests in seeing if Mutopia works.

Story two: Jean Grey has lost her psychic powers as a result of the Psi War that recently took place in adjectiveless X-Men and plays a funny joke on Scott…

Come on, Scott, everyone can read your mind. You have the grimmest, worst poker face in the world.

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