THOR #134-135 (1966): 1st High Evolutionary

First appearance of the High Evolutionary, and his mutates including Man-Beast, standing behind him.

His “power” (or role) is to push evolution forward. For some reason this means all species become more like humans. I’m not sure that “more humans” is really what the universe needs.

And here’s some evidence of that:

Yeah, exactly. Animals don’t hate. Only humans do that. It requires the use of logic and higher thinking to turn a natural fear into an over-exaggerated hatred.

Evolutionary and Thor end up teaming up against Man-Beast. All those guys next to High Ev, above, are his animal/human soldiers called the Knights of Wundagore.

There’s lots of Kirby grand bigness.

It’s a big, fun adventure against Evolutionary’s mutates.  Also, Galactus has a new outfit.

There’s also stuff about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s origins. The siblings are looking for the Wundagore mountain because their powers are decreasing, and they believe something there may give them a boost.

How does Wanda afford that car?

They pause near Wundagore.

It all ends up being a fake-out because they’re truly mutants, not High Evolutionary mutates. But I suspect when it was written, it was intended to become canon.

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