X-Factor #37 (1989)

A bunch of long-running threads come together in this issue.  Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor (who we now know is a Mister Sinister clone of Jean) meet for the first time.  Scott Summers sees Madelyne alive for the first time since she went missing in the early issues of this book.  Madelyne is now full-on possessed by N’astirh’s demons now and is calling herself Goblin Queen, and she’s getting ready to sacrifice her own son, Nate Summers, future Cable.

Obviously, this is more than just an Inferno tie-in—it’s a major episode in the event and, long term, in the life of Scott Summers.

Scott and Jean try to save Nate from Madelyne and N’astirh for most of the issue, as part of the re-formed, full original X-team.

That’s cool.

By the end, we see the X-Men (who were racing off to save Nathaniel at the end of X-Men #241), and we’re promised that X-Men #242 will tie all this together.

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