Amazing Spider-Man #211-212 (1980-1981): 1st Hydro Man


Denny O’Neil’s Spider-Man is actually funny. Plus, he proves that Prince Namor’s ankle wings actually make him fly:


I wonder if Captain America’s little headwings can make him fly, too?

Namor acts like an asshat, as usual, and so he fights Spider-Man.  In the end, they kiss and make up.

But during their fight, Morrie Bench, one of the sailors on the ship, is knocked into the water with some chemicals.  Turns out, he became Hydro Man.  

His gradual transformation is cool. Spider-Man pulls him out of the ocean, but Bench can’t seem to get dry. Later, we see him in a bar with his girl, and her rejection of him literally turns him into a puddle.

He’s all upset about being turned into a water being, so he goes on a search to find and kill him.


Good mix of humor and drama. Eventually, Hydro-Man attacks Spider-Man for his role in the accident that transformed him.

Spider-Man punches him really hard and evaporates him.

He is never actually called Hydro-Man in this issue.

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