Marvel Super Heroes #1 (1990): Moon Knight, Hercules, Hellcat, Brother Voodoo, Speedball, Magik, Black Panther

There’s a whole lotta mediocre stories crammed into a 70-page comic here.

Moon Knight fights a new villain called Raptor, who we will never see again.  

Speedball has yet another completely forgettable adventure. Hercules visits a local Renaissance Festival where Cerberus goes on a rampage.  Not Cerebus the Aardvark.  That would have been cool.  Not Cerberus the dog. That would have been cool. Just a guy named Cerberus. Hellcat fights an unnamed demon.  Magik deals with a former follower of Belasco.

Finally, Brother Voodoo’s tale should have been neat because it’s drawn by fan artist Fred Hembeck, but the story doesn’t make use of his distinctive and humorous style at all.

I mean, look: There’s not even the little curly squiggles on the elbow joints!

And Black Panther is yet again having trouble getting his subjects under control.

Moon Knight: Bob Ingersoll, Michael Gustovich
Hercules: D.G. Chichester, Margaret Clark, Keith Pollard
Hellcat: Scott Lobdell, Dennis Jensen
Brother Voodoo: Scott Lobdell, Fred Hembeck
Speedball: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Ditko
Black Panther: Richard Bensam, Ron Lim
Magik: Sue Flaxman, Rodney Ramos

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