DAREDEVIL #358 (1996)

Daredevil versus Mysterio! But first, Onslaught busts up Foggy Nelson’s dinner date…

Of course that’s not Onslaught. It’s Mysterio, whose powers of visual misdirection and pretty useless against a blind superhero.

I love that when this came out, most Marvel titles were crossing over with the Onslaught event but it really didn’t make sense for Daredevil to get involved with it so this is how the team met the crossover mandate/expectations of Marvel editorial.

And speaking of Foggy’s date…

But it ends up happy for Foggy….

Also, Foggy and Matt are subcontracting for a firm whose senior partner is a shark.

Very fun issue. It bodes well for the future: This is kind of a “tryout” for Joe Kelly, who will take over after Karl Kesel’s run is completed.

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