CAPTAIN AMERICA #20-22 (1999)

We know Cap’s shield has been destroyed. The cover reminds us. And yet, the splash of this issue…

…Has Cap’s shield tearing through AIM soldiers at “Fort Colan” (obviously a tribute to artist Gene Colan). Only it’s not Captain America…

…It’s the awful and annoying USAgent. But if anyone can write this one-note character well, it will be Mark Waid. And he does–for a short bit. This is not (thankfully) a John Walker story.

No, this story has Captain America fighting a sonic threat to the world that started when Beyonder messed with Captain America’s vibranium shield way back in the Secret Wars.

Vibranium cancer.

It culminates with him taking on Klaw using his old shield, which is literally duct-taped together.

And the thing is, Klaw’s sonic powers actually repair his shield.

That is beyond perfect. The “my shield is f-ed up” story line from the beginning of Mark Waid’s run.

Several creators, including Peter David, Kurt Busiek, and George Perez make a cameo at the Marvel/DC baseball game.

There is also aback-up story about Sgt Fury, that is in black and white and pretty graphic. He takes on the original Baron Blood

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  1. Screw all this “vibranium cancer/Klaw’s magic shield-fix” bullshit- I’m going to pick this issue up to see what Sergeant Fury ( and possibly the Howling Commandoes ) can do about Baron Blood! Remember, eight years earlier, Old Nick and the Howlers had a strange encounter with Count Dracula himself, at Castle Dracula, in ‘Marvel Comics Presents’#’s 77-79! It was pretty weird, but pretty good!


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