INCREDIBLE HULK #446-448 (1996)

During Onslaught, Hulk and Banner got separated.

That means we can get the Banner Hulk in Heroes Reborn and the Bannerless Hulk here in the 616, where he’s calling himself “Savage” Hulk, and he’s on the run from the Army. Pantheon is still around, too. They’re trying to be the new Avengers in the absence of Cap, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, etc. Hulk beats the army–and Pantheon–up bad enough that they agree to leave him alone.

I hope this is the end of Pantheon. It’s not been the best part of Peter David’s groundbreaking work on Hulk.

It feels like Peter David is attempting a transition or bridge here, and one thing is for sure: Mike Deodato taking over on art in #447 adds something new and great. I mean, look at this:

It’s a thing of beauty.

Note that the woman in the yellow raincoat, above, is Janis Jones, who traveled to the 616 from the Future Imperfect universe before the Onslaught Event, and apparently is staying here now.

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