FANTASTIC FOUR #16-17 (1963)

The first FF two-parter! When we last saw Doctor Doom, he was literally shrinking down, out of existence. Now, he shrinks the FF–because turnabout is fair play.

So the FF call in Ant-Man to help. Thing coins a new saying that I really wish had caught on. “Brush my teeth and call me smiley!” I think I’ll start using it.

He’s got a lot of rad sayings in this story.

Doctor Doom introduces us to “The Micro-World,” a very early precursor to the Microverse.

Doom gets big again, and he threatens to shrink the world. This gives Jack an excuse to make a cameo by JFK’s hair.

It turns out that being invisible to Doom’s defenses is what is necessary to win, and he’s coded the defenses to identify each member of the FF.  So…

Thing conveniently turns human.

This upsets Doom.

To protect himself from Invisible Girl, Doom gets dogs, so she douses herself with perfume.  Science!

And of course, why does her science have to be around perfume? Because she’s a girl.

Anyway, it works.

As noted at the top of this post, Doom’s last appearance ended with him shrinking down out of sight.  This one…

…Ends with him falling through the sky, out of sight.

Along the way, Thing falls in a hole.


It’s a running gag.  Or a falling gag, to be more precise.

And a happy ending…

Nearly every Lee/Kirby FF is a fun read. This one isn’t as great as the others, but it’s still solid.

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