Spider-Man #41-43 (1993-1994)

Someone inside Iron Fist’s Rand Corporation is using Rand tech to create an arms dealing organization to rival AIM. Spider-Man finds out and decides to investigate. Iron Fist finds out, and decides to protect his property from trespassers.

The two heroes fight a LOT during these three issues, which have enough plot to sustain about an issue-and-a-half.

Then they team up and fight a wannabe Iron Man named Platoon.

There are some funny one-panel cameos by the likes of Shinobi Shaw, Gauntlet, The Slug , Sat-Yr-9, and others. They’re all bidding on the Platoon-style weaponry.

In the end, AIM crushes the new organization.

I like the art. The story is not bad.

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