AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #386-388 (1994): Parker’s Parents “Die”

At last! 


We finally get an end to the “Peter Parker’s parents” story.  It wasn’t very interesting, and it doesn’t end interestingly.  They’re imposters.


At the same time, Vulture gets young again.

He steals Spider-Man’s youth using a “juvenator” machine, which ages Peter and young-ifies old Adrian Toomes, transferring the one to the other.

Not a fan of this idea.  I liked that Vulture was an old man.  It made him different from most villains.

Anyway, of course it is all reversed in the end.

But at least he gets that new costume.

And here’s where it all comes together: It turns out, the Juvenator will work better if it steals youth from artificial life forms…Like Peter’s fake parents!  (Why?)

So, at the end of this, Vulture is a youngster again.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how Chameleon knew to replace the Parker parents in order to get at Spider-Man, he just took a guess because Peter used to take pictures of Spider-Man.  Of course, by this time that’s not even really a thing anymore.

Meanwhile, in the back story, they’re still trying to turn Cardiac into a character who matters.  But he doesn’t.

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