SKULL THE SLAYER #1 (1975-1976)

When I first started reading all these comics and blogging on them at my old site,, I skipped Skull the Slayer because it isn’t a 616 comic. But this time through, I’m revising my old posts and adding stuff that may not be pure canon, but is close enough because the character ends up merging with the 616 universe and brings their history with them. So, I’m covering Skull–but I’m covering all issues in one quickie post.

Skull feels like a licensed character, like Conan, but he’s not. Steve Gan and Marv Wolfman invented him.

Skull the Slayer was an army pilot who flew through the Bermuda Triangle and got shunted back in time to Earth’s “caveman days.”

The Bermuda Triangle was a popular myth in the ’70s.

A bunch of folks were on the plane with him, and Skull acts as their protector for this story. The cover to issue #2 pretty much sums up the series.

Eventually, aliens get involved. And Merlin, looking especially silly.

And for some reason that I can’t understand, a robot version of Black Knight.

And it ends abruptly, in the middle of the story.

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