X-MEN UNLIMITED #18 (1998)

Two stories in this issue. First, we catch up with Gambit after he was left at the North Pole by Rogue. He’s reminiscing (the first third of the story is basically a primer on the history of Gambit) and going back to a life of crime, stealing from some guys who are badder than him. He crosses paths with Hydro-Man.

After Hydro-Man offers to do him for free, Gambit realizes he’s become a hero and can’t go back to the bad life.

The art is by newcoming Marcello Frusin. He’ll go on to get his own style and draw Hellblazer, but here he seems to be imitating the cartoonish style that right now dominates the X-books.

Story #2 focuses on Marrow and Callisto in the Morlock tunnels. Just a lot of talking and character work–a primer on these characters. Bill Rosemann writes this one, with art by another newcomer, Marty Egeland. Ironically, he’ll go on to draw Aquaman for DC but doesn’t do the Hydro-Man story in this comic.

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