Marvel Comics Presents #102 (1992): Phantom Rider

A Phantom Rider story.  I wonder if he has to say “Phantom do your stuff” to activate his power? Like the cartoon version of Human Torch had to say “Flame on!” (At least I think he did.)

Ghost Rider, which was the original name of Phantom Rider, is now a series regular in MCP, so here’s the Western version.  And just like Ghost Rider recently took on D’Spayre, so does Phantom Rider here.

My understanding of D’Spayre is that he’s like a Tinkerbell for sadness, feeding off the emotion of despair to enable him to … Do something.  Not sure what.  Anyway, apparently the way to beat him is just shoot him.  

The rest of this issue is installments of multi-issue stories.

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