GAMBIT #12-15 (1999-2000): Sunset Dawn

I’ve been clear: I’m reading this book only so I can truly cover all the Marvel 616 books published in 1999. And this arc has all the reasons I hate this comic: Gambit gets an even more mystical and cosmically “important” past. Mister Sinister is in it, and so is Apocalypse. There are details about Externals. More chicks are in love with Gambit.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Here’s the quick summary:

Gambit learns he was around in the 19th Century so he time travels back to find out what he was up to (since he has no memory). Candra, Sinister and the Thieves Guild were all doing Apocalypse-related stuff back then too. Sinister was also delivering babies as an obstetrician.

Do you care about any of this?

Sinister gets shapeshifting ability by injecting some of Courier’s cells and messes with Gambit’s mind so he forgets his time in the past (where he learned about Apocalypse from Ozymandias). On and on and on.

This is awful.

Then eventually Rogue helps get Gambit back in the current timeline. Shame on her. I wish she’d left him there.

Maybe something important happened here in this multi-issue story, but I can’t tell what it might be.

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