FANTASTIC FOUR #266-267: The Miscarriage (1984)

Bruce Banner suggests Dr. Otto Octavius’ (who is in a mental ward after he lost his mind during Secret Wars) knowledge of radiation could help save Susan’s baby.

So Reed gets Ock a day-pass, and they leave Sue to figure it all out.

Ock’s arms become aware that he’s out and of course havoc ensues.  Some really great fight scenes between Otto’s metal “arms” and Reed’s stretchy real arms.

Also featuring Bruce Banner, Michael Morbius, and Walter “Sasquatch” Langkowski, also brought in as consultants.

The last panel, after all the combat, is one of the most powerful in comics…

invisible girl's miscarriage


Note: Issue #266 was a filler story flashback, one of the few missteps of John Byrne’s stellar run on FF.  But it had a great splash page.

This issue is one of my 100 favorite self-contained issues of all time. For the full list, go here.

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