X-Men Unlimited #42 (2003)

Lately, this book has been cramming three stories into 40 pages. This means the stories are really more like scenes or jokes or gimmicks. Not always bad, but almost always too short to do very much.

Good news: This issue doesn’t do that.

Bad news: Instead of cramming in three stories, this issue has FOUR.

First, there’s a story about White Queen. The story is what it is. What’s interesting about it is that the writer is David Conway–and I think he’s the same David Conway who was the vocalist for My Bloody Valentine.


Story #2 has Dani Moonstar stop a robbery at a ski lodge, only to have her human boyfriend turn around dump her for being a mutant. Honestly, it feels like we get a half dozen similar stories every month in various Marvel books. It’s an early piece by Nunzio DeFillipis, who goes on to write much better material for many of the major characters at both DC and Marvel. Fun fact: I went to High School with him! (I don’t think he liked me, but, to be fair, I was a complete a$$hole in High School.). He cowrote it with his wife, Christina Weir, who also graduated with me.

Third, is a cute little flashback to the day Jean got her (stupid) green costume at a suprise birthday party, and also kisses Scott for the first time.

Finally, another short piece about a mutant who literally can fuck people healthy: Through sex, his power heals.

Admit it: How many times have you tried that line with a woman?

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