INCREDIBLE HULK #376 (1990): 1st Pantheon

Bruce/Hulk/Fixit are arguing all the time now, and we’re getting partial transformations—and the arguments are happening out loud, not just in Bruce’s head, so Rick Jones and Betty Ross can hear him. Bruce gets Hulk Hands.

By the way, I also had Hulk Hands as a kid.

Bruce learns that Rick Jones, coincidentally, is dating Mr. Fixit’s ex-GF Marlo.  Betty also learns about the ex.

This leads to a huge in-the-mind, manifested-in-the-body battle between the three personalities.

It’s a terrific issue, culminating in Betty’s love for Bruce enabling the Bruce consciousness to take control.

At the end, Doc Samson—Hulk’s shrink—shows up.

This issue also introduces The Pantheon, a group of half-human, half-God people with names like Agammemnon and Atalanta.  They’re mysteriously debating whether to intervene on the latest Hulk rampage.

They’ll be a big part of this next phase of Peter David’s run.

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