Fantastic Four #334-336 (1989-1990): Acts of Vengeance; Walt Simonson run begins

Walt Simonson begins his run with the Acts of Vengeance tie-in, where the FF fight a whole bunchy of lame-os. Great cover that sums up the event. I do like AoV, but I also recognize that some of the match-ups are really unbalanced.

Note that Walt did the cover but the interior art is by Rich Buckler for the first two issues and then Ron Lim on #336.

The team is brought to D.C. to testify before Congress about the new Superhero Registration Act that Loki’s Acts of Vengeance are designed to promote.  Not to be confused with the The Mutant Registration Act, which already has been enacted.  And of course this happens…

The team takes down villains like Constrictor–who they haven’t even heard of (nice, funny touch!)…

…Flying Tiger, and Shocker (among others). Like Ramrod, who sneaks into court wearing a trenchcoat…

…And immediately trips, falls, and knocks himself unconscious.

And Quill and Plant-Man who also negate each other.

Lots of great humor in this story

Captain America and Thor have brief cameos, but mostly these issues are a lot of talking to Congress and distinguishing mutants (who seem to be okay to require registration) and non-mutant heroes (who don’t).

And there’s this truly gross scene where Reed dino-fies himself.


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