WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #13-14 (1974)

This story introduces Topaz and Taboo.

They are magicians who seek the Darkhold book. 

They read Werewolf’s mind to see it’s location, and, apparently, it was destroyed back in issue #3.

Now, I’ve read through issue #3 four times.  As a reader, there is simply no way to know that the book was destroyed in that issue.  This is a pretty major narrative flaw, seeing as how the book was the basis for the character’s origin and is now being brought back as a plot device.

During the story, an old monster gets reanimated, Taboo seems to die, and we learn a lot about the Russell family history–none of that is super important, but if those kinds of details matter to you this is a story worth reading.  Werewolf also has a gladiator-like experience…

Werewolf is a fun read but there’s not a ton of things that “matter” in it.  One detail that does directly bear on future stories is this…

Jack and Topaz hook up.  The story ends with the two of them deciding to go to the land where Jack’s father was from…Transylvania!

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