AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18-19 (1964)

In ASM #17, Spider-Man fled a battle with Green Goblin to go take care of his Aunt.

So now, the world thinks he’s a coward.

JJJ couldn’t be happier. With his mom sick, he needs money desperately.

But it turns out, nobody likes a coward. And it only gets worse when Sandman attacks and he’s afraid of getting injured, which would leave Aunt May without anyone to care for her.

Human Torch wants to talk to him about it.  So, we get the second Statue of Liberty meeting…

Only, Spidey doesn’t show up. 

Every time Spidey has a chance to spring into action, when his web-shooter is literally cocked, loaded and aimed, Aunt May springs into his head and he stops himself.  “If anything happened to ME, who’d look after poor Aunt May?”

Everything about the above panel with Aunt May is brilliant.  He’s in an action pose and her image appears between him and the shot.  He emphasis “ME” in the thought balloon, showing his overblown sense of responsibility and importance.  I just love it.

This is also the story where Flash Thompson, who is a huge Spider-Man fanboy, dresses up as his hero to try to redeem his reputations….

At the end of #18, Aunt May is released from the hospital and Spider-Man decides he’s ready for action…

Throughout #18, J. Jonah Jameson was happy as can be. Every panel had him grinning ear to ear. 

Well, inevitably, in #19 Spidey returns to action. 

Here’s JJJ’s reactions:


Also during this issue, Stan manages to work in the rest of the Marvel Universe, so we get to see Steve Ditko draw them.  Terrific!

Finally, the Enforcers are in this story.  They’re involved in a plot to kidnap Human Torch, who gets put in a…you guessed it: Clear tube!

Spider-Man goes to save him, and the two bros end up caught in Spidey’s web.

But of course they eventually save the day and Spidey has his trademark sarcastic humor…

Ah. Back to normal.

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