X-MEN: THE HIDDEN YEARS #18-22 (2001): Series Ends

We get to the final issues of a series that was much better than I expected it to be.

Lorna Dane is kidnapped by the world’s first mutants (from Amazing Adult Fantasy #14). They are calling themselves The Promise now. Their agenda is to take over human society and keep the nonpowered humans as slaves.

Basically, the team fights them and frees Lorna.

During the battle, the team finds themselves underground so Mole Man makes an appearance. He sics the beast from Fantastic Four #1 on the kids, providing the opportunity for a tribute cover to FF#1.

That’s cool.

Mole Man is able to capture the team for a bit.

There’s some other stuff tying the series into the Marvel timeline–like a reference to Namor’s war against the surface world.

With tubes!

And the FF.

But I’m not going to sum it up here because the book’s ending is so rushed due to cancellation that the plot threads aren’t allowed the space to go where they need to. That’s not John Byrne’s fault.

The series ends with Jean Grey saying that they’re not all men…

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