GENERATION X #20-22 (1996): Franklin Richards joins

Howard the Duck joins the team!

OK, not really. But Franklin Richards does.

Nathaniel Richards drops him off to learn how to manage his powers, since Sue and Reed are “dead.”

Also at the school, Beast shows up to teach a class and comes away thinking Monet is autistic.

Meanwhile, Bastion is stalking Chamber and investigating Emma Frost’s financial holdings.

In addition to lots of character development (which is what makes this such a great book and so unusual for the time period) and the stuff with Franklin, there are two other stories across these issues.

In the first, Chamber and Skin have been hitching to California, and they get picked up by Howard the Duck.

They have a fun-but-unimportant adventure with him that links to Skin’s past involving L.A. street gangs.

When it’s over, they invite Howard to return to Generation X’s school with them, and he agrees.

The other main story is about a mysterious figure lurking around Emma, who is ultimately revealed as Nightmare.

It’s a pretty funny encounter.

It’s for the Halloween issue.

Issue is dedicated to Mark Gruenwald.

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