JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 1, Annual #2 and the end of the series


Concurrent with some guest issues written by Kurt Busiek, Gerry Conway scripts an annual in which the JLA disbands and is replaced by a bunch of b-listers and new characters like Vibe, Vixen and Gypsy. Yes, this was Vibe’s first appearance….


The book had seriously lost its luster, and putting in characters nobody heard of or cared about but keeping the same writer was exactly not what the doctor ordered. Quickly, they brought back Batman, but that wasn’t enough.IMG_0378

By the end, DC brought in JM DeMatteis and Luke McDonnell to tell a four-issue final story that crossed over with the DC Legends miniseries, and the series ended with issue #260. But even in this final, dreary tale, DC hinted that something truly new and different was coming….


And things are gonna get awesome, real fast.



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