WARLOCK #1-4 (1998-1999)

I’m not covering the Marvel Ultraverse crossover titles on this site (yet), so it’s especially important to note that Warlock left the 616 for a while to join that universe. It’s a murder mystery. Someone is killing people and it looks like the killer is Drax.

Warlock seems inclined to believe it.

But of course Drax isn’t the killer. The real killer is…

Mar-Vell Zombie!

His corpse has been reanimated by a new (and never seen again) villain named Syphonn.

Syphonn is trying to destroy the 616 Universe from his home in the Negative Zone. The Nega Bands get transferred to Drax so that Syphonn now controls Drax–the way he did Mar-Vell’s body. And he’s working with everyone’s favorite Negative Zone baddies…

Syphonn ends up betraying them and they turn their backs on him.

Syphonn also has the Soul Gem. We are reminded at the beginning of the series that the Soul Gem left Adam Warlock when his emotions made him an unfit host.

Adam Warlock wants to be rid of the Soul Gem so he can have a normal life–and be with Gamora. But he sees the evil it can do in the hands of Syphonn, so Warlock ends up taking it back because he knows his role is protect it.

But he also decides he needs to work on managing his emotions, and that Earth is the best place to do that.

So I’m assuming that’s where we will see him next.

This book is the singular vision of Tom Lyle–artist and writer.

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