The heroes return. But not knowing that they’re back, Mole Man assembles an underground monster army and pays tribute to his greatest adversaries by creating a Mount Rushmore of them…

fantastic four #1

Meanwhile, the F4+Franklin are already testing out new inventions.

And Ben and Alicia are back together, with Alicia offering to toss Ben’s salad.

And speaking of salad, there’s a French version of the Yancy Street gang…

Also in France, there is a dimensional incursion from an ugly gang called The Ruined.

Instead of fighting Mole Man, The Ruined are the villains in the first issue–a one-and-done story. Instead, he’ll appear in issue # 1/2, the next one in order after this. Which is annoying and stupid. Why would issue 1/2 come after #1? And why even do half-number issues. They’re stupid.

As for this comic, it’s okay. It’s not great. Alan Davis is on the art, which is never a bad thing.

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