SAVAGE HULK #1 (1996)

These two oversized, overpriced ($7 each!) issues are short anthology stories about Hulk. Some are notable–for example, William Messner-Loebs first writing for Marvel; early Humberto Ramos art; a Loeb/Sale partnership; and a story written, drawn, and colored by Dave Gibbons. And some pin-ups too.

All framed by a courtroom drama written by Peter David.

I’m pretty sure those are some comic book creators in the gallery (in addition to Wolverine, Doc Samson, and Howard the Duck). I can’t name them (although I think I spot John Byrne).

And the Judge is most definitely Stan Lee.

The gallery is also full of the witnesses for the prosecution: People whose lives were harmed by Hulk’s rampages. So, it’s a walk through Hulk history. Until the proceedings are interrupted…

I can even forgive that some of these villains are dead. Because it’s so much fun. I know I haven’t named them all. Please drop a comment and tell me who is missing from the character list below!

I really enjoyed it.

Frank Teran’s pin-up is cool.

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