Avengers #264 (1986): 1st new Yellow Jacket; Wasp has wings at full-size


The Wasp goes back to the lab, where Black Knight (who is actually a scientist) helps her develop the power to have her Wasp wings and stings while she’s fully grown.  That’s a pretty major development for her.

And since she’s a woman with new powers, she has to face a new woman foe: One who steals Hank Pym’s Yellowjacket uniform.

This is the first appearance of Rita Demara, who will continue as Yellow Jacket later in Stern’s Avengers run.

Jan tracks her down and takes her out fairly easily.

We also get check-ins with the rest of the team, including this wholly unnecessary butt shot of Captain Marvel.

There’s also a very nice character moment for Sub-Mariner—and he doesn’t get many of those. Susan Richards is living at Avengers Mansion for the time being, and he finally realizes that she is a mother and a wife now, and seemingly lets his long-running feelings for her finally rest.

Very nice to see an issue focused on a woman, and to see Namor being depicted as someone capable of maturity and growth.  

Roger Stern truly was the best Avengers writer of the 1980s.

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