X-MEN #45 and UNCANNY X-MEN #326 (1995)

Rogue kissed Gambit a while ago. She absorbed his memories and put him in a coma. Now, she’s on a road trip with Iceman. And Gambit’s awake and trying to find her.

He does find her.

They have a touching conversation (Gambit’s in love with her), but instead of rejoining him, she…

…Says she needs time for herself.

Mister Sinister pops in at the end and tells Gambit he’s going to be coming for him, and also Graydon Creed is going to run for President on the anti-mutant ticket, while Professor X and Beast are trying to calm public outcry about the Legacy Virus.

Then in Uncanny X-Men #326, Gambit goes back to the mansion and takes his frustration out on Sabretooth.

I don’t really know how it is possible, but we’ve got an Uncanny and plain X-Men coming out every other week and it seems like LESS important things are happening in the X-world.

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