FANTASTIC FOUR #287-288 (1986)

Yet ANOTHER Secret Wars II tie in.



Johnny wants to propose to Alicia but he’s interrupted by…Invincible Man!


Remember Miracle Man?  Well, he’s back. Only he’s calling himself Invincible Man. Only he’s not. He’s…

Dr. Doom! Only, again, he’s not. 

Or he is, but he’s in a different body. He captures his enemies…

No clear tube prison, but it’s a clear bubble. That’s good enough for my “heroes stuck in tubes” tag, below.

Doom reveals he’s in a different body because his real one died several issues ago.

The big reveal at the end of issue #287 is that Dr. Doom is indeed back in his own body, and he summons The Beyonder because Dr. Doom is wicked smart with magic, there’s some time stuff, but really as soon as I see Beyonder I kinda tune out because I know it’s not going anywhere.  And it doesn’t.

Not the best work of John Byrne’s FF. Joe Sinnot has “embellisher” credits, and you can see the change in art style.

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