Avengers #250 (1984): West Coast Avengers

Double-size double-team excitement!  Now there’s a double-entendre tag line!

While I enjoy Roger Stern’s character scenes, this one is weird.  Starfox wants the girls to time him while he holds his breath underwater?  What is he, six?  And then Wasp gets mad about him ruining her hair when she’s wearing a bathing suit by an INDOOR pool?  What is she, six? If she doesn’t want to get wet, then why is she even wearing a suit?  She’s not getting a tan.

Then we move to the West Coast.

Hawkeye is trying to shoot an arrow through an apple on Mockingbird’s head when an unpredicted earthquake hits–and he nearly kills her. 

High drama!


Vision then ties the teams together with a scary and ominous announcement that all of humanity may be doomed because Maelstrom is stealing all of Earth’s kinetic energy. 

So both teams are instructed to go after him.  En route, Roger Stern offers their inner thoughts, which was something they did a lot in the 1980s, but nobody did it better than Roger…

I actually think the above panel sequence works just as well without any thought balloons.

Then, it’s just a big fight against Maelstrom and his minions.

Captain Marvel has the character arc in this issue, having had a crisis of confidence.

Tigra reminds Marvel that her soul was burned alive by Ghost Rider and she, too, was shaken. But she recovered.

The issue closes with a nice tribute to the original Captain Marvel.

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