X-MEN UNLIMITED #14 (1997)

The Generation X kids (Franklin Richards, Artie Maddicks, and Leech) visit Beast’s parents’ farm, with Storm and Gambit. Franklin is sad on the cover because his mommy and daddy were killed by Onslaught, only they weren’t because Franklin dumped them into the “Heroes Reborn” pocked dimension where they are being fucked with by the Wildstorm publisher creator Jim Lee. Lee will, in turn, dump them himself when he remembers what a hard time he has dealing with Marvel editorial.

Some locals decide to kill them because they’re stereotypical redneck bigots. That’s the “B” story. The “A” story has Franklin’s ESP powers telling him that Joseph was responsible for the death of his parents, and he briefly seeks revenge before Leech stops him. Or maybe that’s the “B” story. I mean, both of these are kind of pointless.

Joseph is a Magneto clone, so Franklin’s “vision” about Joseph is really about the real Magneto, who created Onslaught via a mental suggestion implanted in Professor X’s head.

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