Wolverine #156-157 (2000): 1st Carver

Rob Liefeld’s only getting plot credit for this issue, where Spider-Man teams up with Wolverine and reveals that he’s an XTC fan.

I dig Ian Churchill’s pencil work!

The heroes investigate murders in the sewers. Once down there, they find monsters working for Mole Man. But it turns out, Mole Man is innocent of the murders.

It ends up being a beastly Morlock named Fugue, who went rogue, who is protected by another new Morlock named Carver.

Wolverine and Spider-Man try to subdue the Morlocks, but Carver and Fugue end up falling down a pit and, presumably, dying.

But since I’ve tagged Carver below, you astute readers know that one of these Morlocks did not die.

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