Marvel Team-Up #82-85 (1979): Black Widow, Nick Fury, Shang Chi

Look! This story starts with Black Widow in a trenchcoat! Then the badguys assemble to take over SHIELD.

What is the deal with the SHIELD Helicarrier. It’s aways being infiltrated, hijacked, or knocked out of the sky. This time, Viper, the leader of HYDRA, takes it over, with the help of Boomerang(?!) and Silver Samurai.

Spider-Man and Black Widow come aboard to try to save the day. Meanwhile Nick Fury activates Shang Chi for the same mission. (Since his helicarrier has been taken over, he doesn’t know who he can trust within SHIELD.).

In order to get onboard the Helicarrier and save SHIELD, Spider-Man webs himself up a web-hang glider.

I really hate it when Spider-Man can make anything out of his webbing. If I want stupid things-made-out-of-nothing, I’ll read Green Lantern.

The villains know the heroes are coming, but they let them land.

Viper has the “tell the whole plan” speech, to Widow.

Widow manages to best Viper.

Then Viper kills Shang Chi.

Nah, he’s not dead. He has to have this really cool fight against Boomerang!

Oh, and because Black Widow can’t be in a comic without kissing someone…

At least here it makes a bit of sense–Spider-Man does have a thing for redheads. And it’s not really Widow. As a result of an hypnosis subplot–a mass hypnosis device was how HYDRA took over the helicarrier–Widow doesn’t remember who she is, and thinks she’s a chick named Nancy who crushes on Spider-Men.

Widow’s arc ends with her remembering who she is and reaffirming her solo nature. There’s a whole substory to this arc about it.

Spider-Man doesn’t know who she is, either, having never worked with her before.

He helps her recover her identity.

Finally, Jimmy Carter is in this one.

Truer words were never spoke!

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