FANTASTIC FOUR #410-413 (1996)

We’re still in a world with a teen Franklin (Psi Lord) and a “real” Franklin…


…a Doctor Doom who is actually Doom’s ward (Kristoff), a skrull who was retroactively retconned to be Alicia (Lyja) at least a half dozen Reeds who at any given moment might be alive or dead or both neither…So basically there’s a ton of inferior versions of what we want to see when we read the FF. Issue #410 has a bunch of check-ins on those storylines/characters (and more), and it’s all terrible. That takes up most of the issue, but in the end Gorgon appears and tells the group that Black Bolt has lost his mind and wants to destroy all the Inhumans. Turns out, he’s crazy because his antenna is broken. Anyway, the team fights him and he yells at them.

black belt goes crazy

I’m pretty sure this is a rip from an old Jack Kirby panel, but I can’t find it anywhere.  Anyone know it?

The B-story here has Reed getting jealous as Namor renews his interest in Sue.

Reed has long hair and a beard now. Apparently, he’s a hippie.

So then NAMOR goes crazy and they fight.

Everyone’s crazy. Nobody is who they are supposed to be. I hate this run.

fantastic four 412

So then, in the end…


We find out Namor is willing to throw a fight in the name of love.  So he’s not a complete and total asshole.  Or, at least he’s not one all the time.

I’m going to toss #413 into this post, too. It’s got Doom 2099 and it’s even worse than the issues described above. From there, we’re into the Onslaught event. Those issues (#414-416) will be covered in the Onslaught master review, and they serve to end this series.

At last.

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