Amazing Spider-Man #426-428 (1997): Dr. Octopus resurrected

By skipping reading the Kaine/clone issues of Spider-Man, I missed Doctor Octopus being killed. It’s okay, I regret nothing. And he’s coming back anyway. Peter’s having nightmares about it…

Rose and Delilah hire The Hand to resurrect the good doctor. Their plan is drain Spider-Man’s “life essence” and put it in Doctor Octopus–an idea that will be executed much better in about twenty years’ Superior Spider-Man series by Dan Slott.

Obviously, Spidey doesn’t die. But Octopus does live.

When Ock is revived, his memories come from a digital chip provided by Dr. Trainer (who replaced Otto as Dr. Octopus after his death), which means Octavius no longer knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

This arc ends with Otto and Trainer on the loose.

There’s also some set-up for more Black Tarantula stuff, but you all know better than to give a crap about that right? Right?

Peter and MJ are more interesting…

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