DAREDEVIL #267 (1989)


Daredevil is done with his old life, and cremates his “remains,” which are pages of work he did for the poor in Hell’s KItchen.  Nocenti’s run is deeply symbolic.  And just plain deep.

This is just an impossible issue to summarize.  After having drinks with Mephisto last issue, following a severe beat-down at the hands of Typhoid Mary and several d-list villains, Daredevil is confused and consumed by the moral complexity of his role in Hell’s Kitchen.  Ann Nocenti has been building to this for her whole run, and this was a time when Marved editorial still allowed “thought balloons,” which enabled the kind of internal dialog and hand-wringing required by this kind of story. 

In this issue, DD visits the villain Bullet, intent on revenge, but decides to forgive.  He also visits his mother the nun, and talks to a priest, and tells the priest that Daredevil cannot be forgiven.

I don’t think there’s ever been a Marvel series more in the psychological weeds than this run by Nocenti and the great John Romita, Jr.

I love it, but I recognize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s really hard to summarize.

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