GENERATION X #23 (1997)

For the Thanksgiving issue, the leaves turn orange and Banshee gets nostalgic about his daughter (Siryn).

The parallel here is that Banshee is taking Monet to the doctor, since Beast thinks she’s autistic. He decides he’ll call his own daughter when he’s done caring for Monet.

Monet, of course, doesn’t want to go.

She destroys the vehicles to get out of going.

It’s because when her powers first appeared, her dad took her to some bad docs who put her through painful tests.

Husk and Chamber have been flirting since early on in this series, and in this issue she take him to meet her parents.

He’s insecure because, you know, his power dissolved his own lower jaw and everything.

Meanwhile, Bastion continues, behind the scenes to look into Emma Frost.

He’s decided to look into the school…

And: Franklin and Leech like Howard.

They’ve also got Tana Nile in the biosphere.

Yes, having an alien in your room and feeding it candy is obviously similar to E.T.

And a mysterious guy with tree-hands is stalking the school. It’s Black Tom. He’s been going through some changes.

One thing about this series, even in a downtime issue like this one, it doesn’t really slow down

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