Thor #60-67/562-569 (2003): Spiral

This extended story is the one Dan Jurgens has been building up to. He’s been forming a church where mortals can worship him, and in these issues his plans come to fruition.

The ghost of his father, Odin, enables him access a new power and limitless power source. Alongside his fellow Asgardian warriors, Thor feeds the poor. They cure the sick. Thor’s church, now called Thorists, have become an army.

But not everyone is in on it. Jake Olson–Thor’s former alter ego–is working undermine Thor, and Zarrko travels back in time from the future to help him.

When Thor uses his new power to bring a mortal child back from death, the pantheon of other Gods feel he has gone too far.

The United States declares war on Asgard, and begin a full-on attack–causing Asgard to fall from the sky.

Thor is not amused. And it is now clear to the reader that when Odin gave Thor ultimate power, it drove Thor mad.

Jake Olson, watching Thor discard Mjolnir and decimate U.S. troops, lifts the hammer.

And Thor kills him.

(I have to admit, I have zero problems with that. I hate Jake.)

After killing him, Thor sheds a tear but then decides it was the mortals themselves who were truly responsible for Thor’s death. Hell-bent on more vengeance, he finds he cannot lift his own hammer.

Thor is no longer worthy to hold Mjolnir–but no longer needs it to have ultimate power.

Dan Jurgens’ run continues to be full of surprises, exploring and truly transforming the Thor character.

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