Wonder Man #2 (1991)

Issue #1 made it seem as if this book would be big, dumb, musclebound fun.  Issue #2 confirms it.

Enchantress enchants Wonder Man and makes him fight his fellow West Coast Avengers.

It’s cute.  You know, because he’s a movie star.

I know Enchantress’s seduction/spell scenes, historically, can be corny, but this one is very well written.

And Jeff Johnson’s art does an excellent job with facial expressions, making a two-page conversation feel dynamic.

After the talking comes the punching.

And after he shakes off the spell, there’s a nice scene with Scarlet Witch, who Wonder Man has historically had mad crushes on.

Issue #2 is the first one with a corner box. They’ll be going away soon–taken off all Marvel books in the ’90s. Sad. I like them.

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