X-FORCE #39-41 (1994)

Cable’s sentient ship starts inadvertently activating Cable’s technovirus as a result of “his” taking on a human form.

Up to now, Prosh has been called “Professor” by Cable and “Ship” by X-Factor. This is the first time he takes on an identity and has an independent voice. So, my tagging starts here. (At some point, I’ll go back and tag all the times the ship appears without a body/voice.)

So, the ship has to leave–and takes most of the base with him–meaning X-Force has to find a new home. And guess where they move to?


Don’t worry, though. Arcade doesn’t live there anymore.

Meanwhile, NYPD’s Code Blue arrests Thornn for murdering two of her siblings, and Thornn turns on her other living sister, telling the cops that Feral committed the crimes. X-Force bust Thornn out of prison and track down Feral.

Turns out, Feral is innocent–but she did kill her mother and her mother’s boyfriend because he was a sexual predator. I totally get that kind of killing. The guy didn’t deserve to live and the mother knew what was happening, didn’t stop it, and gave the rapist a home.

Nevertheless, X-Force turn Feral in to the cops.

In the end, we learn that Dani Moonstar frames the MLF–a team she’s supporting–for the prison break, so that X-Force won’t be blamed. She did it to ensure Thornn’s freedom because Thornn was just an innocent victim of abuse.

Also, anyone remember that Cable is a lawyer?


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