Captain Marvel #7-8 (2003): Monsters and Gods

Two Asgardian Storm Giant brothers named Strum and Drang–sons of Surtur and the wolf Fenris (bestiality kink alert!)–were kicked off their land by Odin many years ago. Now that Odin is dead, they want their land back.

Thor fights them until Genis Vell uses the cosmic awareness to show Thor that they are merely avenging an injustice done to them by Thor’s own father. In order to get to Asgard, though, Genis Vell has to get through Heimdall.

And the Warriors Three…

After being made “aware” by Captain Marvel, Thor agrees to give them some land (like…the reservations given to Native Americans in the U.S.), but Drang wants vengeance.

So Captain Marvel kills him…

…And makes light of it.

This story shows how Genis Vell has changed now that Rick is pretty much kept shunted in the Microverse, Genis has complete awareness at all times, and he’s basically one of the most powerful people in the universe. His character is truly evolving. Note that Thor does not agree that Captain Marvel is a God now…

Gosh Peter David is a great writer.

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