KA-ZAR #15-16 (1998): Christopher Priest run begins

Shanna is stuck in the Savage Land after having given up her astounding powers to High Evolutionary, just to save Ka-Zar.

I like that she doesn’t need a man to navigate her problems. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, Ka-Zar is in New York City. He decided to “give Shanna some space” after they almost broke up their marriage in the last arc. But he got maced trying to stop a mugging on a subway train, and now he’s blind and nearly deaf. Worse still, someone took a picture of his attempted vigilante justice and now everyone thing he’s a criminal.

And if you’re a criminal in New York, you might meet…


But Punisher doesn’t punish the innocent…

Notwithstanding that for a two-issue confrontation where Punisher was on the cover, that’s a pretty lame conflict, these are two REALLY GOOD issues. Shanna is excellently and independently portrayed, Ka-Zar has human weaknesses, there’s genuine tension and the story is completely unpredictable.

I think I’m gonna like Chris Priest’s run!

Also, this is how Punisher does chest and abs day:

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