X-MEN #25 and EXCALIBUR #71 (1993): Conclusion of Fatal Attraction; Wolverine loses his adamantium

I understand that Magneto coming back is a big deal, but it feels like we’re getting issue after issue of X-Men fighting him, with no winner on either side. 

But not, finally, this time. This time, Magneto loses.

First, though, he does some wicked shit to Wolverine, pulling out his adamantium.

Quicksilver takes a shot at his daddy–and gets a hit in.  Seems to me, if Pietro could hit his father once, he could have taken him apart. Oh well.

It all ends when Charles Xavier mindwipes Magneto.

This wiping ends up merging their minds and creating Onslaught–but we don’t know that yet.

Leaving him with no memory, Colossus, who defected to Magneto’s side, pledges to help the man recover.

Colossus’ new costume is ridiculous.

Also Rachel and Jean finally talk.

That’s a good scene.

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