MOON KNIGHT #2 (1980)

The threat in this issue is a Jack the Ripper type who kills bums instead of hookers, and the story is fine but nowhere near as interesting as the character work.

Part of Doug Moench’s brilliance was his detailed, believable cast of side characters. 

moon knight crawley

In this issue, we meet Crawley and Gina, who runs a diner with her sons.

Jake Lockley meets the kids through a misunderstanding while stalking a slasher…

The vivid representations of realistic people was something that signaled how Moon Knight would be a different kind of street-level book. It’s also something we don’t really see anymore, with the focus almost always being on huge threats and superhero issues.

Moon Knight recruits them to be his agents.

And shares his secret with them.

I liked 1970s and ’80s Marvel street heroes because they really took on street villains.  Hoods.  Robbers.  Rapists.  Nowadays, you don’t see this stuff anymore.  It’s all big bad enemies and world-breakers.

Also, Bill S. snuck in a nipple shot.  Look closely at the left breast of Marlene, Steven Grant’s girlfriend.

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