New Warriors #28 (1992) : 1st Turbo and Cardinal

From the pages of ROM…Turbo!  Actually, that was Torpedo.  This is Turbo, who looks a lot like Torpedo only with boobs.

We also meet the mercenary Cardinal in this issue.

He’s kinda like Falcon.

The New Warriors are going after smugglers, who have hired Cardinal.  Turbo, who is just getting started in the hero game, also is investigating the smugglers.  So, everyone meets. 

And they team up.

There’s a bunch of underwater action in this issue–so Namorita gets an unusual amount of screen time.

And by the end, Namorita convinces Turbo to learn how to use her powers responsibly—but Turbo, surprisingly, does not join the team.  

She doesn’t want to be a hero.

There is a brief scene where Turbo (in her underwear) is talking to a guy named “Michael.” We don’t know it yet, and he doesn’t physically appear in the issue, but she’s talking to Michael Jeffries, who will share the suit with her and become a second Turbo character. That’s a cool idea.

Also note Ren and Stimpy in the picture–an unofficial crossover!

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