MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #75 (1991): Excalibur and Dr. Doom (not!)

Issue #75 has two short stories, and the second one has a fantastic splash page…

Doctor Doom gets ultimate power and literally beats up everyone in the Marvel Universe.  The punch-line is, it’s a dream.  Actually, the real punch-line is it’s not even Victor Von Doom’s dream–it’s Franklin Richards’ dream!  Technically, then, this isn’t even a Doom appearance.  Even still, it’s a pretty fun story.  All created by Dave Cockrum, so the art is great too.  Grade: B-.

The second 8-pager teams up Meggan Puceanu and Kitty Pryde as they rescue a couple of people shipwrecked outside the Excalibur lighthouse, only they turn out to be sinister villains.  Not so sinister, though, as they’re dealt with in a few pages.  There’s already a really bad Excalibur book.  Not sure why we needed this pointless story.  Grade: D.

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